The following are examples of meals I’ve made for clients. A unique blend of healing, nourishing meals will be created, customized to you.


Chia Seed Parfait

Almond Milk | Chai Cream | Buckwheat Granola | Berries | Bee Pollen


Buckwheat Protein Pancakes

Moon Juice Adaptogenic Protein | Coconut Yogurt | Chia Acai Jam


Almond Berry Muffins

Almond flour | Farmers Market Eggs | Local Berries


Overnight Oats

 Spirulina Cashew Milk | Vanilla | White Mulberries | Cacao Nib | Goji


Zucchini Bread

Cashew Coconut Buttery Spread


Kimchi Socca Crepe

Raita | Local Greens

Drinks / Light Breakfast

Clean Green, Low-Sugar Juices

Local Greens | Cucumber/Celery/Fennel | Green Apple | Citrus


Coconut or Almond Lassi

Mint Fennel | Rose | Cardamom | Blueberry Lavender


Custom Healing Tea Smoothies

Let's Build Your Own


Custom Healing Tonics

Let's Build Your Own


Custom Water or Coconut Kefir

Raisin | Lemon


Dandelion Chicory Root Mocha

Hazelnut Milk | Raw Cacao Powder | Yacon Syrup or Organic Stevia Sweetened


Red Velvet Smoothie

Beets | White Mulberries | Raw Cacao


Lavender Berry Smoothie

Blackberries | Lavender | Almond Cream | Vanilla


Green Dream Protein Smoothie

Fresh Coconut Milk | Local Greens | Frozen Avocado | Coconut Butter | Chlorella | Moon Juice Adaptogenic Protein


Farmer's Market Bowl

Kidney Beans | Farro | Candied Carrots | Steamed Collard Greens | Sautéed Wild Mushrooms | Green Tahini



Stewed Split Mung Beans  | Brown Rice | Coconut Milk Simmered Spices | Sprouted Seeds | Farmer's Market Vegetables | Lotus Root Pickle


Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Chickpea Puree | Lemon Emulsion | Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


Rice Paper or Collard Spring Rolls

Marinated Tempeh | Cucumber | Carrot | Mung Sprouts | Mint | Cilantro | Basil

Almond Date Coconut Aminos


Steamed Beet Salad

Wild Rice| Arugula | Probiotic Almond Chévre | Roasted Rosemary Grapes

Tarragon Vinaigrette


Chickpea Puffed Pancake

Seared Avocado | Herbs | Radish | Green Goddess Dressing


Carrot Sesame Rice

Dal Cabbage Cakes | Grated Roots Salad | Mint Chutney


Macadamia Béchamel Flatbread

Spring Vegetables | Shiitake Bacon | Crispy Basil | Pine Nut Cheese


Zucchini Noodle Lasagna

Heirloom tomato | Fermented Cashew Cheese | Pistachio Pesto | Edible Flowers


Zucchini, Fennel + Herb Soup

Cashew Creme Fraiche | Flax Crackers


Seared Millet Polenta

Roasted Carrot Tahini | Broccoli Rabe

Sides / Mini Mains

Farmers Market Vegetable Medley

Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables | Ancient Organics Ghee


Lemon Braised Leeks

Brazil Nut Cream


Blanched Bean Salad

Tarragon | Parsley | Lemon Zest


Seared Watermelon

Harissa Glaze | Coconut Lime Yogurt


Roasted Sweet Potato

Cashew Creme Fraiche | Pistachio Gremolata


Homemade Probiotic Coconut Yogurt

Flavored as You Like


Homemade Fermented Tree Nut Cheeses

Flavored as You Like


Cheesy Kale Chips

Red Bell Pepper | Raw Local Honey | Nutritional Yeast


Black Bean Protein Patties

Hemp Seeds | Sun-Dried Tomatoes | Paprika


BBQ Sweet Potato Fries

Mesquite | Maca


Beet Hummus

Goji Berry Powder


Custom Cultured Vegetables

Your Favorite


Custom Energy Bars

Your Favorite


Chlorella Olive Oil Cake

Fennel Gel | Coconut Cream | Chocolate Bark


Mixed Berry Verine

Lemon Curd | Cashew Cream | Maple Shortbread


Cardamom Rose Bliss Balls

Almond | Walnut | Sunflower | Medjool Dates | Pink Salt


Superfood Peach Cobbler

Avocado Ice Cream


Superfood Fudge

Cacao | Spirulina | Goji | Maca | Hemp


Black Bean Brownies

Moon Juice Dust Spiked Malted Maca Coconut Ice Cream


Raw Cacao Ganache Cake

Raspberry Goji Jam


Raw / Cooked Carrot Cake

Probiotic Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting


Custom Healing Chocolates / Truffles

Your Favorite


*I cook with organic, grass-fed ghee, extra virgin unrefined coconut oil and avocado oil. Other oils such as olive, walnut, etc. can be used but not to high heat.