Helping Career-Centered Women on a Tight Schedule Transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle for Weight-Loss, More Energy & Natural Beauty

Emily Shaw

Are you interested in adding more delicious raw and plant-based foods to your diet that you can easily make at home in 30 minutes or less?

Would you love to eat pleasurable foods that also promote weight-loss, boundless energy and help you feel radiant and alive in your own skin, stepping into beauty that begins within?

Aligning your diet and lifestyle with nature is a powerful gateway to your full potential with body, mind, relationships, career and life purpose.

What’s your Natural Health-Style?                                                                                                                      11350475_10205964004951889_764491637976319890_n

Simply put, your natural health-style is your personalized holistic health plan aligned with nature.

I help my clients add an abundance of raw and plant-based foods to their diets while honoring bio-individuality–I believe you deserve a diet and lifestyle that is completely customized to your unique body, wants and needs.

You deserve your own way of eating that sets you free to live at your ideal weight, move your body in ways you love, healthy, fulfilling relationships with yourself, other people, your career and meaningful connection to the higher power.

All of this while savoring the pleasures of life with more zest and energy to live your dreams.

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